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Ozone for Waste water treatment


Ozone is a very powerful disinfectant and can be used in the treatment of waste water.  Ozone removes the colour and odour in the waste water.  It disinfects the microorganisms like the bacteria, virus, fungus, algae, etc.



  • Ozone removes colour and odour completely
  • Ozone disinfects the waste water completely removing microorganisms like bacteria, virus, algae, fungus, etc
  • Ozone is a powerful oxidant
  • Metals present in waste water such as Iron, chromium, manganese, etc are oxidized to the higher form making it less soluble/insoluble in water
  • They can be removed while filtration
  • Removes organic and inorganic matters
  • Enhances the flocculation
  • Requires no additional disinfection agents
  • Effective in wide pH range
  • Ozone breaks down to Oxygen – No bye product

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