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SBC is a registered partnership company headquartered in Chennai. SBC is a professionally managed organization offering business development consulting services.  SBC has experience in facilitating business partnerships between U.S. and Indian companies.  SBC will also offer on-ground assistance to foreign companies and facilitate B2B meetings.  SBC will be able to design strategies and offer appropriate assistance to meet the objective of the foreign company.

SBC acts as an agent/distributor for both Indian and foreign companies.  Our products and technologies offer input cost optimization to users.

SBC markets fuel catalyst manufactured by a U.K. company.  Fuel catalyst offers an estimated 5 to 12% saving in the fuel costs besides reduced emission of harmful gases.   Fuel catalyst can be used in both moving and stationary engines for fuel efficiency.  It can be used in Trucks, Buses, Tractors, Fishing Boats, Workboats, and Pleasure Crafts.  Fuel catalyst can also be used in Generators, Boilers, and Construction equipment.

SBC works with an American financial service company promoting trade/project financing products in South India.  It considers financing for existing projects as well as new projects in India.  All Indian companies/projects eligible to borrow dollar under ECB regulations of RBI are considered for financing.

SBC acts as the marketing associate for an Indian company offering a range of solar solutions to commercial and industrial end users.    Our principal has extensive experience in the solar power electronics and power systems.

SBC also provides business collaboration assistance. After discussing the specific needs of the clients, SBC will source suitable American business partners for the Indian client.  Types of collaboration include agency, distributor, franchisee, licensing, joint venture, etc.


SBC markets fuel catalyst manufactured by an U.K. company.  The fuel catalyst has the ability to work on diverse hydrocarbon fuels such as petrol, diesel, and oil fueled engines.  The […]

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SBC works with two solar companies on non-exclusive basis to promote solar power projects. SBC will offer grid-connected megawatt – scale projects as well as rooftop power projects with or […]

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Business Consulting

SBC assists in business collaborations with U.S. companies.  Types of collaboration include, agency/distribution opportunities to manufacturing the products using the foreign partner’s technology and know-how.  Types of collaborations could be […]

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Spark Business Consultants Suite 3, Parsn Manere Old # 602, New # 442 Anna Salai, Chennai 600 006 Tamil Nadu, India Tel: +91-44-48565458 E – Mail:

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Project Financing

SBC works with an American company which offers project finance for Indian organizations.  All projects eligible to borrow dollar under ECB regulations of RBI are considered for financing.  Start-ups and […]

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